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North American Skies's Event List

from Mar 5, 2015 to May 5, 2015 | Move Back - Move Forward

Mar 5 11:05am  
Full Moon
Mar 6 1:10pm  
Mercury in aphelion at 0.466698 AU
Mar 11 12:51pm  
Mars passes Uranus at 0deg17min
Mar 12 1:03am  
Moon passes Saturn at 2deg15min
Mar 13 10:48am  
Last Quarter Moon
Mar 14 2:58pm  
Saturn begins retrograde motion
Mar 17 4:40pm  
Mercury passes Neptune at 1deg36min
Mar 18 6:57pm  
Moon passes Neptune at 3deg42min
Mar 19 3:46pm  
Moon in perigee at 56.06848 ER
Mar 20  
Total Solar Eclipse, invisible in Denver
Mar 20 2:36am  
New Moon
Mar 20 3:46pm  
March Equinox
Mar 21 4:18am  
Moon passes Uranus at 0deg07min
Mar 21 3:14pm  
Moon passes Mars at 0deg58min
Mar 27 12:43am  
First Quarter Moon
Mar 30 3:26am  
Moon passes Jupiter at 5deg35min
Apr 1 5:01am  
Moon in apogee at 63.65531 ER
Apr 4  
Lunar eclipse
Apr 4 5:05am  
Full Moon
Apr 5 1:59pm  
Mercury in apogee at 1.344628 AU
Apr 6 7:06am  
Uranus in conjunction with Sun
Apr 6 1:47pm  
Sun passes Uranus at 0deg40min
Apr 6 5:29pm  
Uranus at brightness minimum (mag 5.93)
Apr 7 4:16am  
Uranus in apogee at 20.999525 AU
Apr 8 2:56am  
Mercury passes Uranus at 0deg31min
Apr 8 1:04pm  
Jupiter stationary, resumes prograde motion
Apr 9 12:59pm  
Sun passes Mercury at 0deg58min
Apr 9 9pm  
Mercury in superior conjunction
Apr 10 6:09am  
Mercury at brightness maximum (mag -2.09)
Apr 11 8:44pm  
Last Quarter Moon
Apr 16 7:31pm  
Moon in perigee at 56.607104 ER
Apr 18  
Venus in perihelion at 0.718438 AU
Apr 18 2:23am  
Moon passes Sun at 1deg44min
Apr 18 11:57am  
New Moon
Apr 19  
Mercury in perihelion at 0.3075 AU
Apr 19 4:05am  
Moon passes Mercury at 3deg28min
Apr 22 1pm  
Lyrid Meteors peak
Apr 23 12:08am  
Mercury passes Mars at 1deg23min
Apr 25 4:55pm  
First Quarter Moon
Apr 28 8:56pm  
Moon in apogee at 63.509607 ER
May 3 8:42pm  
Full Moon


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