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North American Skies's Event List

from Jul 5, 2015 to Sep 4, 2015 | Move Back - Move Forward

Jul 6 12:27pm  
Sun in apogee at 1.016684 AU
Jul 6 1pm  
Earth in aphelion at 1.016682 AU
Jul 6 7:47pm  
Pluto in opposition with Sun
Jul 8  
Moon passes Uranus at 0deg47min
Jul 8 1:24pm  
Last Quarter Moon
Jul 11 5:55am  
Mars in apogee at 2.586925 AU
Jul 11 9:54pm  
Venus at brightness maximum (mag -4.47)
Jul 15 2:02am  
Moon passes Mars at 5deg50min
Jul 15 6:24pm  
New Moon
Jul 16 12:04pm  
Mercury in perihelion at 0.307498 AU
Jul 18 10:38am  
Moon passes Jupiter at 4deg08min
Jul 21 7:23am  
Moon in apogee at 63.461552 ER
Jul 22 11:23pm  
Venus begins retrograde motion
Jul 23  
Mercury in superior conjunction
Jul 23 5:15am  
Sun passes Mercury at 1deg37min
Jul 23 12:24pm  
Mercury at brightness maximum (mag -2.07)
Jul 23 9:04pm  
First Quarter Moon
Jul 26 9:07am  
Uranus begins retrograde motion
Jul 26 3:36pm  
Mercury in apogee at 1.34226 AU
Jul 31 3:43am  
Full Moon
Aug 2 4:16am  
Moon in perigee at 56.780848 ER
Aug 2 12:47pm  
Saturn stationary, resumes prograde motion
Aug 5 1:52am  
Mercury passes Venus at 8deg11min
Aug 6 7:03pm  
Last Quarter Moon
Aug 6 9:04pm  
Mercury passes Jupiter at 0deg35min
Aug 8 12:44pm  
Venus in aphelion at 0.728221 AU
Aug 13  
Venus passes Sun at 8deg05min
Aug 13 1am  
Perseid Meteors peak
Aug 14 7:53am  
New Moon
Aug 14 10:16am  
Moon passes Sun at 3deg26min
Aug 15 1:08am  
Venus at brightness minimum (mag -3.95)
Aug 15 12:22pm  
Venus in inferior conjunction with Sun
Aug 15 5:32pm  
Venus in perigee at 0.288435 AU
Aug 16 7:34am  
Moon passes Mercury at 1deg58min
Aug 17 9:44pm  
Moon in apogee at 63.620304 ER
Aug 18 7:20am  
Jupiter at brightness minimum (mag -1.71)
Aug 22 12:31pm  
First Quarter Moon
Aug 26 3:03pm  
Jupiter in conjunction with Sun
Aug 26 6:06pm  
Jupiter in apogee at 6.398532 AU
Aug 27 1:58am  
Sun passes Jupiter at 0deg56min
Aug 28 10:19pm  
Venus passes Mars at 9deg25min
Aug 29 11:35am  
Full Moon
Aug 29 11:41am  
Mercury in aphelion at 0.466698 AU
Aug 30 8:23am  
Moon in perigee at 56.173078 ER
Aug 31 5:33am  
Neptune at brightness maximum (mag 7.82)
Aug 31 7:31am  
Neptune in perigee at 28.953026 AU
Aug 31 8:45pm  
Neptune in opposition with Sun
Sep 4 1:36am  
Mercury at greatest elongation east (27.131651 AU)


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