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Harmony Hill's Event List

from Mar 6, 2015 to May 6, 2015 | Move Back - Move Forward

May 2 2pm-5pm  
Monte Swinford is a local singer songwriter who performs acoustic pop and country covers from the 60's to the current day artists. Elvis to E.L.O. ... Eagles to E-dubble, Monte fuses interesting stories about the original artists with interpretations of their lyrics. All of this is done with a passion and emotion that makes Monte a real crowd favorite.
Don't miss this opportunity to witness the band/the man "Monte".
May 2 5pm-9pm  
Anna and Milovan
Anna and Milovan, a father-daughter duo from Cincinnati has been playing throughout the tri-state for the past 6 years. They perform both covers and originals with a style and influence that spans genres and generations. Their "something for everyone" approach has created a show which surprises audiences and leaves no one disappointed. Only here can you hear covers of Bonnie Raitt, Adele, the Eurythmics, Bob Dylan, and Etta James at the same time. As their family has grown with Anna's marriage, so has their duo. Anna's husband Luke often performs with this duo on bass. You're guaranteed to enjoy this unique blues, pop, folk group.


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