We're sorry to announce that this legacy version of 30Boxes will permanently shut down on June 1, 2022.

All data will be permanently deleted at that time. You can export your data here.


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Import your events to 30 Boxes

This is an experimental importing tool that works with Apple iCal, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook. It will attempt to import your events from an ICS or CSV file.

Step 1 - Export your data to an ICS or CSV file.

Apple iCal (or any program that supports ICS, also known as iCalendar)

  • File...Export. Save the file where it is easy to find (the desktop is good).

Microsoft Outlook (Instructions are for Outlook 2003. There may be slight difference with other versions.)

  • File...Import and Export
  • Choose "Export to a file", then "Comma Separated Values (Windows)".
  • Highlight "Calendar" (usually in your "Personal Folders"). Do not select any other folders.
  • Save the file where it is easy to find (the desktop is good).
  • You do not need to map custom fields. If you're having trouble, make sure you are using the "default map".
  • Click "Finish" to save the file.

Yahoo Calendar

Step 2 - Upload your ICS or CSV file.

Using the form below, select the file you just created and click Upload.

Step 3 - Review the results.

30 Boxes will process your file and show you the results. You can choose whether or not you want to import each event. When you're done, click Import, and the events will be slurped into your calendar!

  • This is brand new. Please report bugs in this forum.
  • We are not importing reminders or invites yet.
  • CSV files do not support repeating events, but you can later edit them and make them repeat.
  • For ICS files, we support weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly repeats (with skip dates), but not other types.
  • This is not true synchronization. If you re-import your data, we will add new events, update existing ones, but NOT delete removed events.
  • We do not import events that finished over one year ago or start more than two years from now.
  • You cannot "undo" an import. You can re-import as many times as you want, so go slowly!

Import your events:

Your ICS or CSV file:


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