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One Box Entry
One Box

Type your events in the One Box and press Add.

Try a few samples:

  • lunch thursday 1pm
  • meeting 1/19 2-3pm repeat weekly (bring laptop)
  • run sunday 10am repeat weekly

We will turn your statements into events on your calendar.

For example, you have a birthday party this Sunday at noon. You want to remember to bring a gift. You can type:

  • Birthday Party Sunday 12pm (bring a gift)

In general, we suggest using a rough format of:

  • event date time (notes)
One Box Entry on the Day View
Day View

If you click on any day, a Day View window will pop up. You can type your event into the One Box in that window and it will default to that day.

No date is required.

Detailed Entry

Another way to add events is through the "detailed entry" link above the One Box at the top of your calendar. This brings up a window that asks for lots of info that you can fill in.

How to Edit or Delete an Event
Edit Event

From your main calendar, right-click (or CTRL-click for Mac) on any event that you have created and select Edit or Delete.

From the Day View, to Edit an event hover over the event name and click the "Edit" link to the left of the entry, or double-click on the event.

To Delete an event, in the Day View, hover over the event name and click the "Trashcan" icon to the left of the entry.

How to Invite someone to an Event

Invitations can be made in any One Box form by typing the plus sign "+" and then a person's email address.

For example:

  • Birthday Party sunday 12pm

The entry above will trigger an email to that person allowing them to accept, decline, or learn more about the event. If they are also using 30 Boxes the invitation will automatically appear on their calendar.

You can also send invitations from the "detailed entry" form.

Importing Events

We have an experimental import tool that will allow you to add events that you have in Outlook, iCal, or Yahoo Calendar. Try it out.

Your Web Stuff
Web Stuff

30 Boxes allows you to build a "dynamic journal" by adding things like flickr, myspace, webshots, livejournal (heck, any personal blog) so you can track, record, and share updates in one convenient place. You can also add your zip code to get weather forecasts or webcal/ical subscriptions to see other event calendars (like sports team schedules, etc.)

Just click the My Settings link (top right) and select Web Stuff.

Adding Web Stuff for a Buddy

30 Boxes lets you see a buddy's photos and other web stuff on your calendar if you choose.

If your buddy has an editable profile, you can add web stuff for your buddy! Note: when you sign up with 30 Boxes, your profile is locked automatically (you can choose to unlock it if you want).

To check the edit status of a buddy, go to My Settings > Buddies and look for the edit link next to a buddy.

Edit Buddy

In this example, you can add web stuff to James but not to Laura

Click the [ Edit ] link to add/edit James' profile.

You can also edit James' profile from the link in the "More Details Section" on James' Buddy Page.

Web Stuff

When editing James' profile you can add both web stuff and general contact information like first name, AIM account, and even a URL to a personal avatar/icon.

Sharing Your Calendar

Under the Share menu choose "Add Buddy!"

Enter an email address and choose a Sharing option. You may share all, parts, or none of your calendar events.

When you add your new buddy, anything that you have shared will be visible to them.

You can change the level of sharing at any time. It is effective immediately. Simply visit the Buddy Page for that person and click the "Change Sharing Options" link. Sharing Options

Naturally, your Buddy needs to be using 30 Boxes to see your stuff! You can choose "Tell them to get started" if they aren't using it yet.

Request to view a Buddy's Calendar

Reality check! Do you know this person well enough to ask to see some or all of their calendar?

First, go to their Buddy Page which is available by clicking their name in the View menu or from Settings > Buddies

Then, choose "Ask Permission" from the Sharing section in the top right of the Buddy Page. 30 Boxes will send an email to your Buddy with your request. If they agree, you will be able to see their calendar events by toggling them from the View menu.

Remember, if your buddy has Web Stuff (photos, blog, etc.) you can see that on your calendar automatically without permission because it is public info.

Sharing/Publishing Outside of 30 Boxes

Try out the links in the Share menu or visit Settings > Sharing for lots of options to share your calendar, parts of your calendar, and your buddy page.

Options include html and flash badges for your blog or myspace, rss and ical feeds.

One Box

Prioritize an event by adding an asterisk in the One Box. This will add a star icon Star and put it at the top of your event list. Example:

  • big meeting * (be on time)

Adding the word "private" to the One Box will mark an event with a lock icon Lock and the event is not shared with anyone unless you send an invitation for that specific event. Example:

  • doctor's appointment private

Simple repeats of weekly, monthly, and yearly will be recognized. Example:

  • Run sunday 10am (meet at park) repeat weekly
  • rent due repeat monthly

Repeats can have an end date too!

  • Yoga 4/2 repeat weekly until 6/1
  • poker night every thursday through 4/6

To get reminder notifications type the keyword remind and then a space. You will get a drop-down menu. Example:

  • meeting 1pm remind in 15 minutes

Add by email! From a registered email address you can forward any email to: add AT and we'll use the subject as your One Box entry and then attach the body of the email to that date. Great for things like airline reservations.


Tags help you categorize for easy searching and segmentation of you calendar.

They allow you to share or publish parts of your calendar with your Buddies. Some ideas for tags are: personal, family, sports, school, work, todo. You can have more than one tag for an event.

  • Project Greenlight Due april 10 tag work
  • running workout wed 5pm tag personal tag sports

You could then share only the tag work with co-workers and only the tag sports with your running group.

Maps and Hyperlinks

Anything you put in brackets [ ] will generate a link to a Google Map for that address. Any hyperlink will be linked as "more info" in your event notes. Examples:

  • dinner 3/12 [1 mission street, san francisco]
  • meeting with lane

If you enter your home or work locales in My Settings, you can even get directions by putting home or work followed by a | before the address!

  • dinner 3/12 [home | 1 mission street, san francisco]
Click Tricks

Forget the "Close Window" link! Just click anywhere in the gray outside the Day View pop up Window to dismiss it.

Right-click on any event you have created on your main calendar and you will have the option to Edit or Delete.

Double-click the Up and Down calendar navigation icons to jump ahead or back 4 weeks at a time.

Double-click on an event in the Day View to bring up the Detailed Edit View.

Your mouse scroll will move your calendar up and down in the Main View and cycle through days in the Day View.

Keyboard Access

Use the ESC key to clear the Day View, Event Edit, or Search pop-up windows

Using an accesskey combination with Firefox: ALT (PC), CTRL (Mac) or IE: ALT+ENTER you can press keys to do the following. A and Z to move the calendar up/down. T centers on today. N brings up detailed entry box. X exits the Day View (use ESC -- it's quicker!). S brings up settings. B brings up buddies. H goes home (refresh). J toggles all buddies, and M displays only your calendar stuff. Also, E brings up your to do list!

Easter Eggs and Hidden Functionality

If you type the word birthday and variants in the One Box, you will be asked if you want that event to repeat yearly

Using certain tags can let you change the color of your events. In the One Box typing tag blue will make that event text blue. Other acceptable colors are: navy, maroon, purple, green, red, teal, magenta, olive, lime, orange, aqua, yellow.