We're sorry to announce that this legacy version of 30Boxes will permanently shut down on June 1, 2022.

All data will be permanently deleted at that time. You can export your data here.

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30 Boxed | the ultimate calendar mashup machine

30 Boxes now lets you build calendars out of all sorts of information like photos and blogs. You can even include your personal calendar data too if you want.

You don't need to be a member of 30 Boxes to build a calendar or use this service.

This form lets your generate the code to link to or embed a calendar on your own website (aka widget).

Paste link(s) to any blog, flickr photos page, or any ical/rss/xml data feed

Yikes! We could not find anything to mash in your link(s).
Psst. 30 Box any page with this bookmarklet. Drag/copy it to your browser toolbar.
Do you have a WordPress Blog? Try our super cool Blog Timeline plugin.

Some sample mashups:

» embedded in a blog

» absolute flickr!

» sf: events + weather

» sports team news, photos, schedule

Sample Badge:


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